We manage a complete range of peaches and round nectarines with white and yellow flesh, as well as the Platty® range of flat peaches and nectarines with white flesh and yellow flesh that are the result of a joint program between INRA and EARL Quartier Neuf. As for instance Mesembrine, Platifun or Platibelle, some of our varieties have already had a great commercial success with both consumers and fruit growers.

Extend the maturity calendar : extension of the harvest periods with early and late varieties : from early June to early September.

Taste quality : innovation in terms of aromas, juiciness, good acid / sugar balance, good firmness, storage capacity

Agronomic quality : easy and economical trees to grow, little training and maintenance

Productivity : improved gross and net returns, early fruitset

Regularity of production  : no biannual bearing phenonmenon
Attractiveness: fruits with attractive aspect with high added value and commercial

Adaptation to different climates  : seeking for varieties with low chill requirements

Resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses : less susceptibility to bursting and to the main pests of peaches/nectairns, beautiful closure of pistillary and peduncular attachments.

The ranges