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Inolov p.v.r.

Breeder : INRAE
Editor : NOVADI

The fruit

Maturity time
Between Golden Delicious and Braeburn

Good and homogeneous (75-80mm in majority)

Attractiveness and coloration
Red bicolor 1/2 to 3/4, nice looking elongated shape with a smooth skin and no russeting

Good, 5 months in normal cold conditions

Eating quality
Good, sweet, firm juicy and crunchy flesh (°Brix : 12-13; Firmness : 8-10kg/cm2)

The tree

Medium, good ramifications

Upright, open branches

Flowering time
Like Golden Delicious and STORY® Inored

Resistant to the common strains of scab.
Medium susceptibility to powdery mildew

Very good potential, early fruit set

General appreciation

Scab resistant apple variety well adapted to all the traditionals apple growing areas. Much appreciated especially for its easiness of growing, productivity and eating qualities.